Choosing the most appropriate appliance layout for your cookery

Is your kitchen triangle making you run about to every corner when you cook a meal? If you feel the need to rearrange things around to get the best of your space, this is the guide for you. The kitchen triangle can get a bit complicated in a modern layout setting. At the same time, appliances can easily be the most expensive part of the kitchen remodel thus, it is vital to make the most optimal use of these appliances. They need to fit in the right space and you would have to decide where it will go. Being modular kitchen dealers in Goa for over a decade here are some of our key pointers to get you going with it.

Although the work triangle is widely spoken about, keep in mind that it is not the only solution. Kitchen triangles are a concept where the refrigerator, sink, and stove are within 9 feet of reach. Although ideal, it can more than often complicate the kitchen’s design if you are too strict on having it in the layout.  For most homeowners it is a workflow in the cookery that is most essential and this revolves more on personal choices of individuals more than anything. Many prefer an even space distribution between the prep, cooking and clean-up counters. In some cases layouts can easily accommodate two work triangles performing two different functions, with a refrigerator near the prep sink and the microwave and clean-up zone arranged near the primary sink. Appliances which are not used everyday can be placed further away from the main cooking zones to help the kitchen function efficiently.

The sizes of appliances can make or break your kitchen space. When larger sized appliance are placed in the kitchen it may compromise storage or take up counterspace. Yes, the appliance you looking to buy maybe absolutely needed for the space, but you may have to consider whether the largest sizes is what works in the space. Microwaves, ovens and fridges are some of the most common appliances which can be scaled depending on what the sizes of your space are.  Avoid placing these appliances on the countertops to reduce clutter and free-up open spaces. The color and the styles of appliances also needs to blend with the style of the kitchen. Often neutral shades are most recommended as these shades balance with most kitchen styles.

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