Snapshots of ur Recent Work

valle profile kitchen

Fully Handless

This project was a full revamp of a stock kitchen, from taking off the tiling to partition wall to the stock kitchen. The layout best allowed for a straight wall kitchen with a island and the choice of materials used was horizontal grain matte finish laminate for the bottom cabinets combined with white acrylic for the overhead cabinets.  With the floor tiles and the blacksplash having similar color tones  brought about a soft-early look to a modern-styled kitchen.To achieve a fully handless look we went with horizontal valles for the bottom and overhead cabinets. Large width tandem drawers were added to match a jet black granite stone double moulded. A tall unit on the side also featured the horizontal grain that houses a built in oven. An open overhead unit with subtle down-lighters found itself amidst the overhead acrylic cabinets, a feature that help create a balance between the overhead and bottom cabinets.  The sink is nicely tucked towards the window mounted with a goose neck tap, oh and the window, a large size two door sliding window allows for vast amount of natural light to flow in keep the space bright and fresh.

lux PU kitchen

Luxe PU

PU Wood finish is a probably the most sort after cabinetry over the internet. When the opportunity knocked we were quick to propose it! Matte white cabinet fronts with Shakered inlays brought about natural highlights to the space. A U-orientation with an island was the most suited layout for this large size kitchen space. Double drawers across almost sections also in white with PVD Gold handles brought the kitchen to life. The floors were a rough  cotta that runs a symmetric geometry across the room have plenty of warm accent colors. Rectangular golden rims on the backsplash synced with the golden cabinet handles that we used for the overhead and bottom cabinets as well. Double moulded countertop had a mix of pink and grey hues- a rare but elegant combination not regularly seen. The island’s swing doors also in Shakered PU designed to store appliances and large pots and pans and also entertain as you fix a meal. Adjacent to the  main countertop is the area for the refrigerator, a oven unit and a small pantry.

Glass & Mirror Cabinets

See Through Glass & Mirror Cabinets

We couldn’t resist a White and Black (Mostly Black), but instead of the regular overhead cabinetry, the see through PU and glass fronts for the overhead ceiling touched cabinets elevated the look.  We took it even further by adding mirror back, glass shelves and warm-white downlighters. The glass fronts, mirrors backs and glass shelves  are a combination you cannot go wrong with- in this case, it enhanced the look and feel of the space. This was a stock kitchen that had a civil-coutertop in place, modular cabinets in white laminate complete the look. Not forgetting the PVD gold handles (yeah, these are quite popular) added to the kitchens luxurious splendour. This peninsular orientation has a granite countertop with a mix of blacks and whites. The backsplash of rustic exposed brick with parquet flooring with white walls makes the room warm and cosy. This is one of two kitchens in the house, this one in particular designed for moderate cooking. Apart from the hob, the cooking space is fitted with a built-in oven and a sink as well.  The cabinets have a tandem drawers as well as a spice rack installed.   The lighting in particular is also a detailed here, pendant lights over the island, ceiling lights, under cabinet lights as well the lights installed inside the overhead cabinetry helps in creating multiple mood settings, especially when entertaining guests, just the overhead cabinet lights  is a huge mood-setter.

Shaker PU Cabinets

Shaker PU Cabinets

PU cabinets in white were surely the choice of the season, this U oriented kitchen maintained the same layout it had earlier but only spruced-up to the next degree.  White dominated this season due to its classic look and this particular kitchen had a look a consistency all throughout. The backsplash was also a highlight here, the Herringbone blacksplash ,an all-white matte texture wrapped all throughout the space. For the countertop, a vitrified tiled countertop in gloss texture of white and a bit of black completed the civil work. Shakered white cabinet fronts with matte black handles are known for their timeless appeal. The bright white theme with the minimal black splashes bright about a bright and airy environment to the room that didn’t require other stressful color to decorate. Although this was an open kitchen with sufficient natural light, the all white interiors helped bring in a lot more light making it look warm and inviting.

Retro Fitout

An L orientation kitchen, that started out with a full renovation of the old space to get to the finished result. Plenty needed to get done on this retro-inspired space which  was  lot of fun to bring to life. With the vintage cabinet front mixed with modern appliances, the layout made for a great design statement. This vintage yet modern space is another open kitchen- cohesively complimenting the adjacent dining and living area.  Plenty of uniqueness in this project, one of course being the vertical grain matte laminated cabinets shutter with retro-styled handles with warm light in the room gave it a delightful retro look. An all induction four burner hob gives the countertop a very sleek appearance. Speaking of the countertop, this is the same stone we used in an earlier project and it stood out here! Notice the molding, the step cut double molding- a nice touch to the theme. The backsplash and flooring  we retained in the same palette- not overdoing it on the colors.