Our Story

“It is the blend of design, thoughtfulness in functionality, materials and hardware along with an eye for detail that leaves us in a great position to offer our clients noting but the best!” – Glen Colaco

~ Glen Colaco

Enfold Modular’s reputation as an expert modular kitchen manufacturer comes from years of experience in the

modular manufacturing and design industry as an start-to-end manufacturer.

Based in Porvorim, Goa our goal is to provide our customers with modular fitouts of the highest quality and standards.

  Our detailed and highly efficient process for custom modular builds gives you a highly personalized and trustworthy

service in the industry while keeping you informed all throughout the service tenure. We made a strong effort to create

the best possible design solutions by implementing superlative functionality and design with the very latest trends brought about by the industry.

With the right technical knowhow and the access to new materials, innovations and processes we bring about

freshness to the products we deliver. Our experience is derived in numbers, spanning for a decade in the civil,

software and interior industry,  transitioning from a variety of projects bring about an expertise that is detail-oriented and efficient.

Enfold Modular is a Goa-based modular cabinet manufacturing unit that creates ideal custom kitchens, vanities and closets.

Bespoke Designs

Our range of materials and designs will help you create a unique and custom luxury kitchen. Our service is a ‘made-to-fit’ offering this sized to fit your space and preferences


We believe a quality end product is a combination of high grade materials and craftsmanship – a philosophy that we always adhere to.

Start to End Solutions

We see the through the entire process from start to the finish and extending our scope of work to the cover civil, electrical, masonry, and paint giving you full peace of mind of a single point contact