Bring to your kitchen, a modern and sophisticated approach of functionality to promote an efficient and mutli-functional space. Kitchen Accessories that will ease your efforts in performing everyday tasks with comfort and style attached to it


The tandem drawers are one of the most essential access accessory that is a part of every modern kitchen space. Tandem drawers eliminate the need to bend to reach for things placed under the kitchen counter. They are also used in a variety of ways in pantry units as well and also in buit in a manner that it fully multi-functional.

tandem drawers

Tandem Box With Bin Separators

Tandem box series with compartment for bins and other utility items. This series is available in a variety of configurations and have multi-purpose usage.

Under Sink Tandem Box

The Under Sink Tandem Box is build to fit around the sink bowl and is primarily used as an utility cabinet for storing common everyday items that are used for cleaning and maintenance.


Push To Open Tandem Series

Push to Open Tandem Drawer series work as a stylish and convenient feature to have in a modern cooking space. Handle-free cabinetry can be achieved with the accessory and it adds sleek scene of style in appearance and functionality

Inner Tandem Drawer Series

Inner Tandem drawers a set of two drawers or more that is held by a single exterior panel for the bottom cabinetry. Single panel give a sleek appearance to the kitchen design.