Home Office Set Up Tips

Maintaining a home office

When maintaining an office at home it is advisable to use every inch of space to maximum advantage. Floor to ceiling cupboards can be installed where everything can be methodically arranged making use of the maximum available space around. Consider open shelves on the walls for easy access to small items. Fancy pull out baskets or shelves with neat labels can be used for filing instead of the traditional old filing cabinets which look just ugly and outdated. This makes it easy to sort papers/files whenever needed.

Allocating dedicated drawers for bills and bank statements makes it easy to access, reducing clutter in the process as well. Mail which arrives can be easily sorted and put in the respective baskets and the place cleared up. Keep in mind more the clutter the more congested the small will appear.

Setting up an office in the living room or dining room

Offices can be set up in the living room since this area of the house is a little spacious. If you have to choose a spot for your desk it should be near a window for the benefits of natural light instead of a dark corner. Check the space for plug points, besides the natural lighting, additional lighting would be needed for the darker hours of the day. Before you place the desk, ensure that there are no reflections or glares on your line of sight or on your electronics. For a work table, choose once that has a large surface area and sturdy. Partitioning the area from the living or dining room should be ideally done with shelves or cabinets which helps in setting the space apart from the other elements the room.

Office Space in the kitchen

Pick a spot that does not cause any hindrance to the functioning of the everyday kitchens tasks. An empty wall would be an ideal spot or if you have table-space in the area would work as well. Make the most of the wall areas by either adding storage space or even a backsplash for notes, memos or calendars. Repurpose a few kitchen drawers or cabinets to create storage space for paperwork and books. For additional space, pullout shelves can be installed on the desk or even on drawers. Look for open wall space that you can use as a cabinet for storage. Beside cabinets, open shelves placed with boxes or magazine racks can be added. The space has to also be equipped with power points for all your electronic equipments, power strips can be added if required. To save space on your desk, mount your computer monitor to the wall and have the keyboard on the pull out shelf.


In the Garage

With the right creativity a garage space can transform into the perfect workspace from home. If you are looking for a 360-degree turnaround, replace the concrete flooring with hardwood floors.  Wall paints if need to be changed consider pastels to give the room a professional look. Generally garages do not have windows built in allowing very little natural light inside the area. For better natural lighting place a large sized mirror across the entrance to allow light to bounce of it.  Garages also have very limited wiring coming towards it that is needed to power electronics or equipment, ensure you check for plug points, internet coverage before you bring in your equipment.

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