Arguably the kitchen sink is one of the most used fixtures in the cooking space. In comparison to other appliances like the microwave or oven, the sink sees the most usage. With the cooking space becoming the centre of every home, the kitchen sink has also evolved with a legion of options for homeowners, from configuration to the type of material, etc. all of which is dependent on one’s usage and aesthetics.

Undoubtedly, sinks have come a long way from conventional usage as they are no longer used only as simple wash basins. Sinks today can be matched to your preferences and usage and accordingly made to fit your space.

Sinks are differentiated on their installation types, the type of configuration and lastly the kind of material that the sink is made of. Based on this you can then look out for different suppliers across Goa to make your purchase.

Most installations in the market are available in three types. One being the self rimming option, where the sinks are fit on countertops with standard measurements and held together by flanges that rest on the countertop around the cutout. Under-mounted sinks are attached from the inside of the countertop and supported by the cabinet structure below. As these sinks rest an inch or so under the countertop it makes it easier to get rid of food particles and other debris entering the sink. The third type is the flush mount. Also called tile edge sinks, these fixtures fit flush against the tiling surrounding the sink creating an even surface between the sink and the tiling.

After you have chosen your installation type, you then have to select the configuration and sizes. Configurations differ in the quantity of bowls along with the number of faucets and design configuration (whether round or square or oval shaped). All of this is dependent on your usability and type of space available. The pricing would vary accordingly.

As far as materials go, stainless steel sinks are the choice of many across Goa due to its clean finish and long-lasting durability with low maintenance. Qualities differ according to the gauge thickness; higher the gauge, harder the material that is used. Apart from stainless steel, you also have cast iron as a durable option for sinks. These are much heavier as compared to stainless steel sinks and come in under mounted installations.

Besides this, there is a third option – Fire clay. This material is a form of ceramic, but is much stronger and purposed for durability. These sinks are available in glossy or matte finish and are comparatively costlier than stainless steel or cast-iron sinks. Besides these, you also have the option of acrylic and solid surface sinks. Acrylic sinks are also easy to maintain and do not get stained easily as the material is a plastic that is moulded in fibre glass. Solid surface sinks are made of a material that is identical to that used for the surface of most countertops. A secondary component to sinks are faucets. These, too, are available in various finishings and configurations as well. We have experienced fitters to install all types of sinks.