Smart ways to improve storage space in your sleep space

The bedroom is the most popular room of a home where you spend most of your time in. For many it is the most favourite room in the house and therefore it need to be as comfortable and inviting as it can possibly be. No matter how small or big the room, storage is always never enough. When completely avoided the room will appear to be cluttered and in a mess,  too many storage units and you have the room caving-in.

Before you address your storage concerns, for a tiny bedroom space first ensure that the design fundamentals are in place. Pastel wall colors, bigger windows, ensure that the window covering do not cut out the light  when open, mirrors to bounce light around and the flooring to be again of a pastel shade.  For the wall colors ensure that the color palette is of a single tone and there is ample amount natural light access to the room. The furniture in the room should be made to measure for optimum space utilisation.

The underneath of the bed is very often an ignored space for creating a storage unit. Generally a king sized bed is 42 square feet of space which means there is ample amount of space you use to store seasonal clothing or linen which isn’t  used frequently. Under-bed containers are units you can use to nicely tuck away clothing you wont be using for the next change in seasonal weather.  Purchase storage bins that can roll in and out for easy access.

Before you go out and make a purchase for armoire or a dresser consider reworking your existing closet space. Hanging space can be better utilized to make way for additional storage space. This would mean going vertical with the use of mechanized rods.  Take up the entire wall horizontal wall space and utilize corners in the closet. Storage space can be created behind the recess of the mirror in the closet which can be used for everyday accessories and makeup. For your dresser use divider for drawers to free up space. The idea is to utilize existing storage space that you have earlier overlooked or underutilized.

Going vertical on wall of the room with not only storage units but also decorative pieces is nice touch  to add to the room. Showcase your hobbies or add picture frames to create open areas. If you like books, add it to the mix too.  This would work as a shallow wardrobe wall which will double up storage.

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