Lighting styles and variations in your cookery aren’t as expensive as you may think given the right amount of planning before installing your modular cookery setup. Given that you plan it right your cooking can use several types such as subtle lighting for under cabinets, dimmers, track lighting, etc without having to spend a lot on them. The main thing to keep in mind while lighting this area is to not only provide a brighter cooking space but also to create a pleasant environment since plenty of time is spent here.

Installing track lighting allows you to direct lighting across various areas of your room. Track lighting is economical to purchase and also easy to fit. This type of lighting can easily replace an existing lighting fixture and works great in spreading light across the room. There different uses of this type of lighting as you can configure it however you like and rearrange as needed. Keep in mind to not position the fixture directly to your eyes. This would mean paying attention to areas such as the sink or the hob. Installing them on the sides is most preferred.

Under cabinet lighting brightens those dark spaces in your bottom shelves with the use of fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lighting. Position the lights at the front edge of the cabinets for it to illuminate the entire area. It is also recommended to install a 1 to 2 inch valance at the lower edge to protect your eyes from the light shining straight into it. The objective here is to brighten dark areas that block the overhead light due to cabinets on top of the counter.

Recessed lighting is required to light up the perimeter of the room. Careful thought is required in this placements as this light must be sufficient enough to cover the entire room while not casting any shadows. Overhead cabinets and storage units may also block the light if placed only at the corners.
Flexible lighting techniques such as dimmer switches help in creating mood lighting and can be used inside storage cabinets that have transparent frontages.

Style your cooking space with  under cabinets lighting, dimmers, track lighting variations, here is all the interior deco info you need