There has been a growing trend in Goa for many homeowners to opt for a modular look installation for their cooking space. Gone are the days where one would a hire traditional carpenter for building a cookery from scratch. Pre-made to fit installations have grown in popularity for the simple reason being you have an array of designs that are standardized with a multiple price-tag range attached to it. This would mean that based on your cooking area a design team will calculate the area to be covered, all you have to do is choose the look and feel of it. With many of the items being standardized there is no room for arbitrary pricing as the costs are pre-calculated before customizing your layout.

The concept of modular installations is based on the idea that you can assemble standardized units in multiple ways. These standardized units are called modules which are not only applied to the cooking area but also to the other areas of your home such as furniture for your bedrooms or living rooms.

For an average installation, pricing is factored with the space available to build in measurements of square feet. From here the entire design is split into three parts; the top counters, the middle areas and the bottom counters. This includes your countertops, storage spaces, cabinets and other units.

The pricing is determined primarily on the dimensions of the space and then factored into the type of material you would like to use and also the final finish that you select. You also have the cost of hardware along with appliances and other fixtures that need to be added in the space. We were also calculate the various number of modules that are required, for example, for  larger spaces homeowners opt for a island layout, you could also take it a step further by adding a sink on the island which would require additional plumbing or even a cluster of chairs around the island is quite popular nowadays.

Re-modelling is an additional cost as well, for cooking spaces that need a makeover our crew will have to uninstall your current installation and accordingly plan for the new setup. The cost of hardware also varies independent on the quality and toughness. Modular fittings also have multiple lighting options, additional accessories such as a sink crusher , garbage disposal and more. To know on what you are willing to pay for, ensure you consult with a manufacturers that showcase concepts to get a look and feel of what is included in your estimates.

That process begins with an assessment by our design engineers of the space. We serve the entire of Goa, our team will willingly travel to your home to provide you with a professional and economic quote for your very own cooking space .