A few times  a month it is necessary that the kitchen is dug deep into and cleaned well. Apart from this everyday maintenance is equally important to keep the space clean and most importantly enjoyable.  We put together a few pointers to help you to do so.

Before you get started, have the right tools for the job which should be easily accessible when needed without having to run around to find it. A few cleaning solutions, different sized scrub brushes and cleaning cloth does it.

Before you start cooking, start with the dishwasher and the sink  not already pilled-up with soiled dishes. As simple as this sounds, this it is a smart solution as you can rinse or load the dishwasher as you cook instead of leaving them for another day. Get into the habit of cooking in a clean environment and cleaning gets a lot easier.

Maintaining your tool and appliances to remove burnt-on stains or rust spots from stainless steel pans or pots is essential in your cookery items lasting longer. Oiling your wooden spoons and cutting boards will keep them from wearing out faster. Avoid keeping a cluttered counter-top as this gives the appearance of the room to be caving-in besides being messy. The time you need to spend cleaning is fully dependent on your cooking habits.

The kitchen space is an area which we spent most of our time in the house after the bedroom. When the space does not appeal to you, the lesser you would feel the need to spend time there. Keep the room fresh with ample ventilation or install a range hood to get rid of cooking smells. Make proper provision for garbage disposing and free space for recyclables.