The L-shaped design is a common design used in many apartments in urban areas. Builders create this layout as a standard design in most 2 and 3 bedroom apartments seen in Goa as this layout makes optimal use of space available.

Ideally this layout is used when the kitchen space isn’t very large. Using two walls of the kitchen the layout runs countertops in the shape of an ‘L. The sink is installed on the shorter section of the layout. While planning this section of the layout it should be ideally large enough to fit a double size sink with enough free space on either side. The cook-top is generally installed towards the opposite corner of the layout. Provisions for wiring the fridge are made either opposite the cook-top or diagonal to it to form a smooth flowing work triangle. Ideally this layout typically has two windows on both walls to assist with air flow and to bring in natural light.  Avoid installing overhead cabinets above the cooktop top as it would cast a shadow while you cook and will also pick up cooking grease. Ideally a provision for bright lighting needs to be installed above the cook top. For the storage units and cabinet space, drawers or shelves for cookware is placed adjacent to the kitchen sink for quick storage. Similarly, the area surrounding the cook-top needs shelf space which is concealed as well as open for storing items needed for fixing meals (sauces, spices, etc.)

What else can you do with an L shaped kitchen?

For homes that have small sized kitchens look to go vertical to maximise storage with overhead cabinetry.  Glass cabinets are recommended over fully covered  ones as these help in opening up the space. Have a minimum of lighting sources, one ideally over the cooktop and the other on the opposite wall facing the kitchen counters.