Countertop Options


Known as the workbench of the kitchen, the countertops are the bare essential in any cookery. There is a wide range of options available in Goa if you are considering making a purchase, what’s more is that there is a wide assortment available varying in materials and styles. Unlike a few years where there were only a few choices available, today the market is filled with a vast array of services and materials that range from glass to bamboo and concrete as well.

Apart from looks, we suggest durability and nature of usage,  as environments keep varying depending on the usage, the countertop surface has to meet your performance expectations, match your tastes and also match your budget range.

Before deciding on making a purchase there are a few objectives that you must have the answers to.

Would the look and feel the your primary decision factor?

Are you concerned about maintenance and practicality in its pricing?

What would be the degree of usage of the countertop?

What is the long-term durability you have in mind?

The level of maintenance you’re willing to put in?

The answers to these questions will allow you to narrow down your options that are available and will help you make your ultimate decision. Based on which you can decide on the types of countertops mentioned below.


Also known as Formica, these have been around for a long time, the difference being today you have the addition of multiple textures made available. Laminate countertops are much more affordable, there easily maintained, and are readily available in limitless designs and colours. What stands out in laminate countertops is that they aren’t heat tolerant and can easily scratch and chip out of place.

Solid surface

Solid surfaces are plastics that are available in multiple styles and colors and work well if you need to integrate a sink along with it. The advantage here is that there isn’t porous in it, you can easily blend out scratches. The disadvantage being that these are not heat resistant and relatively costlier and require professional fabrication and installation.

Natural stone

Natural stones available in gemstones, grand nights, slates and various types of marbles to name a few. These give your cooking space a much natural look to it but are expensive. Stone cuts are one of a kind and therefore present you with the unique look to your cooking space. The durability is much longer as it lasts longer and also heat tolerant.

Engineered stone

Combined with the beauty of real stones along with other composite’s engineered stone mimics the looks of many granites and other natural stones. These are widely available and have a wide price range to choose from.

Wooden countertops

There are plenty of styling options available when choosing a wooden countertop that will give your cooking space a highly aesthetic and unique appeal. Maintenance on a wooden countertop is much higher as compared to the use of natural stone. If the wood is of softer material it may scratch and cut easily.