Recent Projects

This project was based on a redesign on an existing kitchen space. Apart from the kitchen cabinetry design, the floor tiles, plumbing electrical, painting and the backsplash was also upgraded. Acrylic shutters in German Polymer finish was the choice of materials from the shutters, the carcass being of marine plywood. For the countertop, artificial granite was used, that had a speckled white finish. Hardware components tandem drawers, modular bins, PVC trays, cutlery racks etc were installed. Warm under cabinetry lighting and a recessed hob added to the sleek look of the space.

The existing layout in this kitchen had an existing countertop (installed by the builders) around which the layout was designed around. High gloss white heat presses laminate with machine edge-banding was used. Several modular components were used that included; tall pantry units, tandem drawers, swivel corner trays, modular bins, bottle pullouts, etc. Carcass was built in marine plywood that was wrapped around the existing counter space.

The client’s requirement at this project was based around a black theme for all the elements in the kitchen space. The design requirements included the bottom and overhead cabinetry along with an island counter for serving meals. We used high gloss laminates here along with marine plywood and built the space from ground up. For the countertops, the requirement was to have a wood based top for which we installed Sudan teak wood top along finished with melamine polish. For the backsplash we used 3″X 3″ tiles in gloss finish  with 3 mm black spacers.

This design was based around the architectural design of an remodeled Portuguese house. The client’s requirement was to have a parallel kitchen in the space. The space had limitations in terms of functionality thus we have to create the wet and dry areas on the same platform and used the opposite platform as a prep area. The parallel kitchen allowed for plenty of storage especially on the prep counter side. In this layout we redesigned plumbing and electrical layouts as well to suit the configuration.

Built for a holiday villa, the space was very tight offering very limited room to place essential elements such as the sink, stove and the refrigerator. We opted to position the sink across the window that opens out to a large lawn area and created the dry counter on the L-shaped counter. Marine plywood along with hand pressed laminate was used. Re modelling included replacing the old kitchen counters, backsplash, plumbing and electricals.

Project was for a semi-commercial kitchen  at a boutique villa stay. We created a live kitchen here that had a Corian table for guests along with wooden cabinetry. We also installed  a checkered designed backsplash and commercial burners. Other elements such as a prep counter, subtle lighting, decorative furniture and a prep kitchen space in the adjacent room was also a part of the project.

Using high gloss laminates this cooking space was built around the theme of a modern kitchen. The space was a straight kitchen design for an apartment in the city. We utilized the existing granite countertop and built around it.