Minimalistic updates to your kitchen you can use for any rental apartment

Upgrading a rented apartment’s kitchen may sometime not be viable or may need to be permanent which many apartment renters may not opt for. If you one of those renters that are looking to uplift the look of your kitchen without tearing everything apart or don’t want to spent too much on it and still make impactful changes and additions to make the space look better here is how you can go about it.

Adding mirrors is a great way to achieve the right balance of visual positivity in the kitchen. Although not used often in this space, the mirror can instantly help make a statement. If your kitchen lacks the natural lighting, place the mirror on the wall exactly opposite to the window that is allowing the light flow in. This would help in amplifying the light entering the room.

If your existing backsplashes in your kitchen are dull and boring, consider a color that is bright and vibrant and place a temporary backsplashes over the existing one. There are readily available as glue over tiles at most home decor outlets.

If the flooring needs to be improved, consider adding vinyl flooring to improve the look of the space. Vinyl flooring is available in different thickness and can be self-installed if you have squared or rectangle kitchen area.

Create a new area to sit and relax in an open space that was unused previously in the kitchen. All that is required is a couple of small chairs and a table to sit and have quick sip of coffee or write your grocery lists. If the space permits add a ceiling hanging lamp focused on the table.  A small nook is a refreshing new space that has multiple functions which you can used to brighten up the space. Keep a mind the appropriate layout for all the appliances in the area to reduce clutter.

Old hardware in the kitchen can be easily replaced by yourself to better the appearance of the kitchen cabinets. Kitchen hardware is available any at most hardware dealers and is in a  large variety of price points and styles. If the budget permits get an estimate from a modular kitchen dealer for additional upgrades such as new cabinets or countertops.

Adding of storage to the existing layout will help in keeping the kitchen organized and free of clutter. For storage options consider storage cabinets on wheels that can placed aside and used whenever needed. Additionally these can be carried when it is time to move out.

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