Kitchen Accessories

Moving Corner Unit

Suitable for optimum use of a corner section. The corner also has an integrated soft close mechanism that is smooth and silent. It is available in Chrome finish

S Corner Unit

Corner solution that avoid the need to bent-over to reach and access corner sections. This accessory has an soft closing mechanism as well and is available in a double layer.

Space Corner Unit

Ergonomic and super-functional, the Space Corner eliminates dead space in a corner section using every inch of space. The Space Corner allows or maximum storage space along with clear visibility  of all the content stored in it.

Spice Pullout

Spice Pullouts are an integral part of the kitchen space that allow for quick and easy access to cooking supplies with minimal effort. The fitment is available in double and triple layers

Bottle Pullout

The Bottle Pullout has been designed keeping in mind adequate heights of bottles commonly utilized in the kitchen. Side railings in the fitment allow for proper support when the pullout is accessed.

Wicker Basket Pullout

Wicker baskets are integrated with a wooden frame and an molded handle with a roll-out prevention as well. The wooden frame is made out of solid beech.

Lift System: Bi-Fold Opening

Suited for a variety f cabinet sizes ranging from a height variance between 480 to 1040 mm and a width extending to upto 1800mm which can uses in aluminum fronts, wood in combination with glass and also in symmetrical fronts.

Lift System: Front Swing Lift Over

Designed to move up and over the cabinet front this lift systems provides easy access to the interiors of the cabinet with ease. The overhead lift-systems will stay exactly where you want it to rest and also swings up in  a manner that is out of the users way.

Lift System: Front Parallel Lift

This stylish motion lift system can be used for narrow and wide aluminum cabinet fronts along with cornice and crow moldings. The slider does not interfere in the users ways giving easy access to all the items stored inside.

Tandem Drawers: Upper

Upper Tandem Drawers that are used to store everyday used items. These drawers are available in different weight categories and also depths ranging from 450mm to 550mm.

Tandem Drawers: Pots & Pans

Suited for the middle and bottom drawers sections these tandem drawers have a single as well as double railings ensuring pots and pans can be stacked over each other. These tandem drawers are available in multiple weight capacities.

Tandem Drawers: Internal Tandem Drawers

Internal Tandem Drawers make for a sleek front appearance of a single from panel that can be used to store larger utensils and items and also have a top drawer unit.

Dual Pantry Units/Tall Units

Dual Pantry Set is a swing to open shelving system that is known for its storage capacity. The swing mechanism draws the internal unit to swing outwards for a easy access

Pullout Pantry Unit

The Pullout Pantry Unit has 5 layers of shelving that is mounted on to a larder mechanism that has a capacity of 80 kgs and operates with a soft close mechanism. The minimum depth need for this unit is 505 mm

Pullout Pantry Inner Tandems

This Pantry Swing pullout has multiple layers of Inner Tandem Drawers with glass railings. Each drawer can hold upto a 80kg capacity and is excellent for those looking to maximise their storage.

Overhead Spice Cabinet

The Overhead Spice Cabinet is an organized tray that allows for complete visibility of all your items at a glance. Partion walls allow you to organize thngs as you please and the swing mechanizm nicely tucks it away when not needed.

Overhead Dish Drainer

The Dish Drainer tusks away all the utensils once washed, a drain board that is attached to the unit acts as a drain to collect an dripping water.

Sink Cabinet

Designed to fit around the sink bowl, the Sink Unit efficiently uses space to store utility items and easy access them when needed.