The Multiple Choices in the Market for Kitchen Faucets


Kitchen sinks and faucets get the most use in any household. Hence, it is absolutely imperative that this fixture in your home is the most trouble-free and easily operational. The beauty of faucets is that you can add multiple styles and finishes, thus enhancing your comfort and ease of use. With a variety of handle configurations, styles and finishes to choose from you can customize the look of your cooking space while also keeping it completely hassle-free. Agreed, there is a little bit of technical knowledge that is required in understanding these fixtures apart from just design or durability  and this where we come in. Over the years, there have been plenty of improvements in the options and technologies available in the market. So here is all you need to know before making a decision.

Like we said, there is lot more to the faucet than just its finishing and handle design. Understanding the various configuration technologies will help you understand the specifications and usage when you shop for one and accordingly you can understand which faucet will work best for you.

There are four main factors that are required to understand what faucet works best for you – configuration, styling, finishing and valve type.

The configuration of faucet is the type of design that you see on the finishing of the handles, the different mounting styles– either wall mounted or countertop, and also the spout structure (whether conventional or the pulling out structure). The basic configurations lie in two handle or single lever structure. The two-handed faucets are the ones that are used to operate hot and cold water supply. The single lever faucet supplies hot and cold water through the main lever itself. You also have the options of various water dispensers such as side sprays as well as filtered water supply. Accordingly you would have to make provisions in your sink countertop. Keep in mind that according to how your faucet is mounted you would have to accordingly make provisions for the plumbing to accompany it.

The styling or appearance is the first critical tendency of choice while shopping for a faucet. Based on the layout and plumbing it is preferred to first determine the type of faucet you would prefer before going about shopping for one. There are plenty of options to choose from, from the conventional goose-neck design, level locations, handles and more.

The finishing of the faucet is the surface coating that is seen on the spout and the handles that works as a decorative appeal along with working as a protective coating as well. Faucets available in different finishes include stainless steel, brass, bronze and also chrome.

The valve type is what determines how the faucet will operate and will also give you an idea of durability. Generally valve types are made out of stainless steel and brass and in some cases even plastic. For the pass you have the options of compression, ball and ceramic discs.

Many technology innovations also seen in the space now give you adjustable height faucets, water filtration faucets, motion sensor faucets that are for hands-free operation, touch sensitive operations and also variable flow heads.