Define a modular kitchen?

They are the latest generation in cooking spaces that allow you to create an optimal utilization of space with cleverly designed installations. Making the most of the space can be achieved with efficient planning and with an organized layout. Modular kitchens are available in made-to-measure dimensions and pre-made installations, the former being priced on the higher side.

Do you have to re-do everything or can you build your new cooking space with what you have?

Modular kitchens preferably need to be fitted after uninstalling your exiting cabinets to achieve best results. Old installations may not have been planned or are generally worn out. Although we can add over an existing set-up we strongly recommend installing a completely new installation.

Difference between renovating your kitchen and adding a modular one?

Renovations would be overhauling your existing set-up, which is essentially building above what is present. A modular installation involves fitting  standard pre-fit cabinets overhead and below the counter.

Do I have to buy the entire installation, or can I get individual parts?

Yes, you have to purchase the entire unit if you need us to carry out the installation, as our team wouldn’t be able to install a part of it. You do have the option to purchase parts individually if needed.

How far is far when it comes to customization?

You can go all the way when it comes to customizing your space. Other than having six standard layouts, we can customise layouts and colours by adding various specifications and components. The idea is to create a space that you are comfortable with, something that is personal to you. We also take on kitchen flooring, lighting and kitchen furniture.

What are your theme options?

We have a standard set of six theme layouts to cover all types of layouts. Although these are available in limited colors we provide the option of choosing several cabinet finishes available in particle board, plywood and other pure wood.

Materials used for building your cabinets?

We have different types and qualities of wood, from marine grade plywood, to boiling water resistant plywood, to pre-laminated particle boards.

What additional extras can I purchase for my cook space?

There are a lot of accessories one can add to our installations. From changing the cabinet structure, the handles, or the types of shelves to platforms and so on.

How long does it take for everything to be delivered?

It would take us around 25 to 30 days to get a unit manufactured after receiving the advance payment and the deigns being accepted and signed off at your end.

Other than sending parts, what else does your team handle?

We not only manufacture, we also get the build installed for you.

In case of renovations, you would have to demolish the previous installation if needed. Our team only handles adding the new build and its features. On request we do handle small demolition and civil work.